Kid’s Corner – Let’s Play Dreidel!

Dreidel is a popular game in Israel. It is played by kids mostly during Hanukkah—the eight day festival. The Dreidel is a four sided top with each side having symbols of Hanukkah.

The game of Dreidel dates back to 175 BC when he Greek King Antiochus IV had issued decree against practicing Jewish traditions. Jews kept their traditions alive by studying Torah under disguise of playing Dreidel, giving an impression that they are just gambling. Now it is played by kids to learn virtue of sharing and imbibe that nothing is permanent in life, everything comes and goes. In one way it is also a means to remember their past.

How to Play:

First, you have to get a Dreidel. If you live outside Israel, you can get it on online shopping portals. If you don’t get one then you may use any online Dreidel simulator or Dreidel application on smart phone.

Second, get your friends and coins. Dreidel can be played between two or more friends. Also, it is not necessary to have real coins. It could be anything—candy , chocolates, marbles etc. that can be assumed as coin.

Third, each of the player put one coin at the center of playing area to create the ‘Pot’.

Fourth, take your turn and spin the Dreidel and take following actions, if you get:

Keep playing until someone wins by collecting all the coins. If you run out of your coins, you may also borrow
some from other player.

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